Ali Zikratch

I'm originally from Pocatello, Idaho, but have lived here 7 years and now consider myself a "slocal". I simply love San Luis Obispo and feel so blessed to live here. The community is full of warm and welcoming people, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. This is why I opened a business here, I knew I would enjoy the people I would get to work with.

I started this business primarily focusing around events. It's always been a passion of mine, and come to find out a strength. The organization and attention to detail it requires was a natural fit for me, and I'm able to use my artistic background to create vision and design. It wasn't until later when I realized how closely related marketing was to event planning. Sometimes, an event's success is solely reflected on how it is marketed. I am able to provide insight and direction regarding both.

I received my Business degree from Cal Poly and constantly am using marketing skills to influence events. Whether you solely need an event planner, or business solutions, I have the passion and drive to make whatever project I undertake a success.